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Clergy of St. Alban's

The Rev. Gigi Conner

Priest in Charge

Life in church is never dull and I have spent my entire life in it as an Episcopalian. Raised in Ocala, Florida, I was baptized and confirmed at Grace Episcopal Church, one of the oldest Episcopal churches in Florida.

The church has led me to many different places where I’ve worked and met a great diversity of people. I’ve been called a Sunday School teacher, a Director of Religious Education( Christ Church Cranbrook, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan) a seminarian (Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, Mass.), an Assistant Priest (St. Paul’s Rock Creek parish, Washington, D.C. and St. Michael’s, the Upper West Side of Manhattan), a Canon (and sometimes loose canon) for Evangelism ( St. Peter’s Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Florida), and a Vicar (St. Gregory’s, Woodstock, New York) – each title giving me some sort of identification but I’ve never been called a PIC (short for Priest-in-Charge) which is how someone referred to me when I arrived at St. Alban’s – a term of endearment I hope.

I live in Gulfport, just a few minutes away. Gulfport’s motto is: Keep Gulfport weird – so I feel right at home. I have one daughter who lives in St. Petersburg, and one who lives in New Orleans. Iona, Scotland and Holy Cross Monastery, in West Park, New York, are the places I go to get recharged, sing new music, pray with others from around the world, and learn how to be more inclusive in worship and incorporating new members, especially those who might consider themselves as ‘nones’ (checking the box on religion affiliation: none) or ‘dones’ (as in I’m, done with church).  

For the next three years, I am the Second Vice-President of the National Episcopal Church Women's Board - responsible for a monthly ENews (Branches). This means travelling with the Board to different dioceses of the Episcopal Church for meetings and offering support to the Episcopal Church Women in those areas.

This summer (June 2019) I will be Chaplain-in-Residence at the Episcopal Cottage/Chapel at Chautauqua, Western New York. In September of 2020 I will be heading back to Israel with a group women to study women in the Bible.

Life only gets more interesting as one grows older. ​ St. Alban’s is a community made of wonderfully dedicated, faithful, and loving people. Here is offered a beautiful facility in which to worship God, and an inviting place to explore your own faith journey. I look forward to getting to know you as we all strive together to live out the Gospel of Christ.

My office hours are Monday-Wednesday, 10:30 am – 5 pm and other times as needed.

Phone # 727-744-3785 if you need me for a pastoral emergency or want to set up a visit.

My email address is [email protected]

The Rev. Muriel deBussy

Assisting Priest

Pastor Muriel joins us with full enthusiasm during her months of Florida residency – November through April.

A valued member of the clergy team, Muriel adds a welcome dimension to the depth of parish ministries.

Professional studies: Rutgers University (1987); Master of Divinity from General Theological Seminary (1994). Four years as hospice chaplain, two as hospital chaplain. Part-time assistant at St. Peter’s, Spotswood, NJ. Rector of St. Thomas’, Glassboro, NJ from which she retired in 2005, to marry Bob deBussy and become a snowbird!

Interests: gardening, reading (mysteries), and cats (has 2). ​Also, addicted to crossword puzzles!

The Rev. Marcus Crim


Marcus joins us as an ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church. The deacon usually 'sets the table' for Eucharist and reads the Gospel.

As we get to know Marcus better and he us - he will decide in which ministries he would like to be involved. Please do introduce yourself on Sunday morning.

Here is a short bio from Marcus: I grew up in a small town in northern Louisiana going to the Episcopal Church. As a teenager I moved to San Francisco, California, and lived there, mostly, for my adult life.

About 2 years ago I moved to St Petersburg to be nearer to my mother and sister. I served as the Deacon at St. Bede's church until just recently. I have enjoyed visiting St. Alban's periodically over the last couple of years.

I particularly like the spirit of inclusiveness and the celebration of tradition and diversity in the liturgy. The guidance and leadership of Rev Gigi in her preaching and knowledge of the scriptures is a key reason that led me to want to serve as deacon at St. Alban's.

I hope to get to know you all and look forward to serving with you in your many wonderful and diverse ministries. Thank you and may God bless us all in our new church year!